Radio as a Social Text

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Radio as a Social Text

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Radio as a Social Text
Social Text is an academic journal that addresses a wide range of social and cultural issues such as race, gender, sexuality and the environment (Nyong’o et al. 1). Each issue covers debates about popular culture, feminism, postmodernism, and neoliberalism. Radio has been an effective way of addressing these issues because millions of people whether literate or illiterate can receive the message. Radio is used by women to address gender violence as well as empower them. There is a reduction in gender-based violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo because most people are talking about the issue through Bubusa Radio (Nakweya 1). Similarly, in Malawi, there is an interactive radio series that uses drama reflecting gender violence that Malawian women face. Listeners are encouraged to call into the show and voice their opinions on how new attitudes can bring change (Concern worldwide U.S 1).
Radio has also been a way for people to learn about sexuality. They talk openly and listen to other people’s experiences and learn from them. Similarly, health issues like HIV are spoken of in detail. Radio Tob in Chad together with health activists is bringing awareness of sex-related matters to a community that still harbors resistance against family planning due to their traditional beliefs (UNFPA 1). This radio has had a considerable impact on people, and they have started changing their behaviors regarding sexuality.
Radio is als…

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