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Racisminwhiteculture revised

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Whites swim in racial preference
Racial preference and the racism has been widely practiced for time immemorial. People categorize each other based on their appearance, which is primarily the racial stratification. Most whites are practically against the notion of racial preference. However, in the real sense, this vice is deeply rooted in our modern societies. The whites are only against the idea of the many social, political and economic functions. Deep inside their minds and their common practice, racial preference is a common phenomenon (Wise, 20).
History has prejudiced the whites as the primary source of racial preference. It is for this factor that led to the massive slave trade in Africa. The white race viewed themselves as supreme, and hence they outsourced for the services of blacks. The black race was viewed as an outcast, and the only place that they thought was best for them was to be subjected to forced labor. Many Africans were shipped to Europe to work in plantations, mining fields, and other household chores. They were preferred by the whites because of their appearance, color and culture that was termed as backward and retrogressive (Wise,25).
Additionally, the whites made laws that primarily suited them and favored them under any circumstance. In this way, laws were enacted to favor the whites while on the other hand it
lowered dignity and went against the rights of the black race. For ins…

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