Racism in America

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Racism in America

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Racism in America

The article gives me an impression that it tries to show how people are discriminated against or even treated differently because of their skin color. It is an article that makes me feel very sad by seeing how people get to be treated in a bad way just because of the skin color that they have. They are considered to be bad people in the society just because they are not white people. I also understood that they are seen to be useless people in the society just because they are black despite the fact that they have been of great help to the society. The article also made me realize that there are very many stereotypes in the society today and they are used to describe people. It is through the stereotypes that people are seen to be different compared to the others.
There are a number of things that Mark Quarles attempts to make in the article. One of them is that black people are avoided, especially since people think that they are harmful in the society. He also tries to show that black people can also have jobs that are decent and live in neighborhoods that are nice. That is because they are hardworking people thus they also contribute a lot in the development of the society. He also tries to show how the black people are perceived to be thieves thus they are always the first suspects when something wrong is done in the society. Black people are also avoided in the society. That happens since the white people do not know h…

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