Racism and discrimination

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Racism and discrimination

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Racism and other forms of Discrimination
Question 1
I have chosen racial profiling and other forms of discrimination as my area of study. Different Nations of the world are experiencing a considerate change in racial composition from a century ago. However, racial stereotyping is still hitting the global News headline every day. In detail, stereotyping is the psychological discrimination of specific social crew over the entire citizens that influenced information processing job and decision making. There are two types of stereotyping, which includes the positive and negative types of stereotyping. Positive stereotyping involves pointing out the positive characteristic of a particular ethnic group. For example, the fact that African performs excellently in sports activities or Asians are perfect in solving the mathematical problems. Contrarily, negative stereotyping portrays a certain ethnic group negatively. For example, the notion that all African are lazy, and that most of them are criminals. For a long time, the issue of racial stereotyping has impacted negatively different society political, economic and social life
Question 2
I selected this topic because the presidential campaigns in the United States are heating up as time passes by. My concern is that the United States will be making a critical mistake if they decide to elect Donald Triumph for president. His policies are filled with propaganda that will enhance discriminati…

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