Racial Inequalities

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Racial Inequalities

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Racial Inequalities
What is ‘the Negro Problem’? Whose problem is it?
Many African Americans resent the torture, hatred, and victimization they face in a world where the white folks perceive themselves as a superior race. Du Bois believed that racism in the 20th century would be a major problem among the black community. Racism only affected the Negros which in this case meant African Americans. The problem was common during the post-slavery era, and Du Bois was afraid that it would still haunt the current generation of black folks in the US (Du Bois 2). The whites and the blacks in the US are separated by a color line which denies African American fair access to education, jobs, and opportunities.
What is ‘the Veil’? Effects?
The psychological trauma from repeated incidences of racial discrimination prevented the black community from achieving their full potential. The veil denotes the barrier that kept both racial lines from perceiving each other as equals. Whites were opposed to the fact that the black community was part of the American identity because they were not ready to treat them as their equals. Instead, whites perceived African Americans as an inferior race that did not deserve equal rights (Du bois 2). The blacks on the hand were demeaned and started seeing themselves in the manner portrayed by the whites. African Americans felt like an inferior race and treated the whites as their superiors.
What is ‘Double-Consc…

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