race, racism and human differences

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race, racism and human differences

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Race, Racism and Human Differences
Throughout the history of humanity, there have been differences brought about by race. It is impossible to have the world where people are perfectly in harmony expressing the same ideas and perceptions about various topics in life. This is perhaps due to vary backgrounds that people grew. The mind of a human being begins to grow and form opinions and views about the world right from the moment they are born. What they hear and observe begins to form a pattern in their minds, and new neural pathways are formed. This accounts for the human differences that are observed across the world, race and racism being at the center of it.
Racism is brought about by members of one race seeing themselves as superior or inferior to the members of another race. This is especially more pronounced between blacks and whites. While racism has declined in recent years, there is still a significant number of cases that pertains to racism. In America, for instance, the whites used to despise black Americans simply because of color. Nearly a century ago, black Americans were oppressed by their fellow counterparts-the whites. The members of the Negro community, at best, were likened to slaves to work for whites, and this led to civil wars that caused a significant number of deaths.
With the advancement of the modern technology, racism has taken a new shape as it is easy to spread the racist ideologies through social media suc…

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