Race in the modern word : the problem of the color line

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Race in the modern word : the problem of the color line

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Evaluation of Assertions
I agree with the assertions made by Du Bois in his 1900 speech titled “Address to the Nations of the World” during the London Pan-African Conference in London. One of the assertions of Du Bois in this address was that economic and civic inequality between races were pervasive at the time he was making the address and would continue to be so several years after his address had been forgotten. Just like he pointed out, economic and civic inequalities between races have continued to plague the world approximately twelve decades after his address. “Despite the more than forty years of affirmative action policies and institutional reforms which began after the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, all political science studies, demographic analyses, and socio-economic indicators still show a strong correlation between race and unemployment, poverty, rates of incarceration, spatial segregation, and voting patterns (Samson and Bobo 515).” The persistence of ethno-racial inequality despite the law specifying equality of rights demonstrates that the society’s fundamental structure is still premised on ethno-racial divisions.
I however do not agree with the assertion made by De Waal Thomas in his article titled “The G-Word: The Armenian Massacre and the Politics of Genocide.” In this article, the author argues that the US faces the challenge of finding a way of using the term “Armenian Genocide” to refer to…

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