Race, ethnicity, and nationality

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Race, ethnicity, and nationality

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Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality
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Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality
Education is strongly influenced by class barriers, which has been notable under different contexts. During the 1960s, the education system in the United Kingdom was liberalized and was open to all segments of the society. The education system became open for the common mass and was supposed to be free from race, cultural and social barriers. Although the participation of students in colleges and universities increased, there was a distinct skewness in the admission trends. Rather, the expansion of higher education created increased inequalities amongst the social classes in the UK. The admission features in colleges were based on the concept of social and cultural capital, which was termed as “habitus”. Habitus was referred to as a conceptual tool which integrated the individual choice, expectations, and dispositions, in selecting the higher education institutions. There was clearly a demarcation of selection of colleges between the upper/middle class and the working class. The students belonging from the former class could select the place of an educational institution, based on various features. One of such features was the pedigree of the college (race, class, and social strata attended in that college during the previous years). However, the working-class students who had limited exposure to college en…

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