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World Geography: Questions and Answers
South America and the Concept of Latin America
The term ‘Latin America’ geographically describes a combination of different nations in some parts of North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America (Trujillo, et al.). Linguistically and culturally, the term refers to states where Portuguese and Spanish are predominant language (Trujillo et al.). South America is not entirely Latin America since some countries including Brazil and Haiti was never dominated by Portuguese or Spanish but rather the French Guiana and Guyana respectively (Trujillo et al.).
Peru is in Latin America and is one of the most competitive economies in the region ranking sixth out of 32 in GDP size (Oxford Business Group). Peru has three main regions which pact its economic performance including the coast for agro-industry and fishing, the Amazon for forestry, gas and oil depository and the Andes Mountain range providing minerals in the country (Oxford Business Group).
Brazil as the “Country of the Future”
Brazil remains an above average inflation and below average growth economy. World View notes that the country is under-industrialized and has limited infrastructure. Brazil’s physical geography influences its economic performance whereby its topography affects the economies of scale. Particularly, one-third of Brazil comprises the Amazon jungle which is difficult to build adequate infrastructur…

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