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questions on philosophy topics

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Questions on Morality
Question 1
For Kant, a good will acts NOT from inclination (desires/preferences) but from duty. An action can be judged to be good (right) if the action is done from the motive of duty and NOT merely in conformity with duty. For Kant, what is the difference between acting from the motive of duty and acting merely in conformity with duty? Why are actions done for the motive of duty be judged to be right (morally good) when actions done in conformity with duty are not?
(2 points)
Acting from the motive of duty implies that the person does an action because it is the right thing to do as opposed to considering the personal inclinations and preferences. On the other hand, acting in conformity with duty implies that it does not matter whether it is right or wrong. The person does it for personal reasons; they may even do it because it leads to favorable outcomes. According to Kantian ethics, the intellectual capacity of human beings allows them to have a universal understanding of good and bad. They can tell when something is justly goodCITATION Ali13 l 1033 (Shakil). Therefore, motive of duty are morally good because they possess the universal validity as being good. Actions in conformity with duty may not be universally accepted as the right choice.
Question 2
Aristotle argues that virtues are a kind of feeling.
True or false? Why ?
True, Aristotle associates virtues with a unique form of feeling. He describes …

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