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Questions on Urban Studies
Question Two
Hurricane Katrina is one of the worst terrible storms that ever hit the United States of America. The cyclone originated from the Bahamas and was a result of a tropical wave and the tropical depression ten. In comparison to the Katrina, Andrew and the Okeechobee Hurricane, Hurricane Katrina killed more people and caused the damage of property worth $108 million (Elliott and Pais 297). The aftermath of the hurricane was worse than the storm itself. The people affected claimed that the government of the United States of America was taking too long to meet the needs of the people. Huge branches caused flooding in various areas, and the storm displaced hundreds of families. The paper focuses on establishing the influence of racism and class in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and riots. It will also compare and contrast the riots and the aftermath of the disaster.
The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina resulted in a heated debate to determine if it was racial or class oriented. According to witnesses, the majority of individuals and families left behind during the evacuations were African-American and other coloured families. Rescue teams responded to the white neighbourhoods, then headed to the African-American neighbourhoods (Elliott and Pais 300). As such, many complained that the actions were racist. The people also accused the media of focusing on the damage and evacuation processes in the white populated area…

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