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What attitudes, skills, and concepts have you gained from these modules?
In the Oprah Winfrey’s article, I have learned that careless driving caused by either responding to messages on our cell phones or drunkenness claims many lives (Winfrey, 2018). Therefore, to avoid these careless deaths, we should stop driving while drunk or even responding to text messages while driving.
Mary Sherry article shows that not all students who go through the education system get educated. Some students are just pushed through the education system because of good character not through mastery of content. Applying effective teaching methods like fluking will help students learn.
The third article introduces the concept of bullying in schools. Bullying is an activity going on in many schools leading to some students even committing suicide. Though many view it as a way of molding behavior, it should be discouraged.
What did you know before; what did you want to know; and what did you learn while working through these modules? 
Initially, I knew that only driving while drunk would cause accidents and that bullying is part of school life. I wanted to see why the government allows bullying in schools. Also, I wanted to know the best ways of avoiding careless accidents we can see on our roads. What are some areas you feel like you can continue to improve? What steps will you take to do so?If there are any changes you would make to this course, what…

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