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Lone Wolf Terror Attacks
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Lone wolf terror attacks are initiated by lone actors who do not get any assistance or command from the existing terror groups such Islamic State or Al Qaeda. Lone wolf terrorists act from the influence of the ideology of external terror groups and they do so to support the acts of such groups. Lone wolf attacks have been rare, but recently the number of such attacks has been on the rise both domestically and globally. It is quite challenging for the relevant authorities to counter lone wolf attacks since such incidences are isolated and do not follow the known trends of extremist groups.
Reasons for the increased lone wolf terrorism
Media coverage
The first reason for an increase in the incidences of terror attacks conducted by individuals is the extensive media coverage (Bates, 2016). The media provides visibility on the success of terror attacks conducted by lone wolves and this motivates others to engage in the same. For instance, the internet has been used by terror groups such as ISIS to reach out and encourage people to use any available weapon to conduct terror attacks across the globe.
Religious affiliations
The second reason for an increase in the lone wolf terror attacks is religious affiliations. Individuals have conducted terror attacks due to their religious beliefs. For instance, Muslim believers target Christians and vice versa due to their differentiated religious beliefs. Others…

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