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Meningitis Disease
Neisseria Meningitides bacterium causes meningococcemia infection in the bloodstream. The contagious disease spreads from one person to another through respiratory secretions. The disease locates at the back of the nose and throat without showing any sign and symptoms. Neisseria meningitis divides to form five groups A, B, C,W, Y that cause diseases, with serogroups B, C, and Y causing illnesses in U.S.A. meningococcal meningitis causes irritation and inflammation of meninges and membranes that surround the spinal cord and brain (Park et al. 678). Meningococcal disease present with transient flu-like illnesses, intense myalgias and rapid deterioration of the manifestations. Upon entering the bloodstream, the host cannot clear the infection and invasive diseases completely. The host suffers from acute meningococcemia displaying with shock, septic, hypotensive, febrile conditions. The patients have headaches, malaise, rash, weakness, and intense myalgias. The absence of shock in acute meningitis present with fever, meningeal signs, and headache. In cases of acute meningoencephalitis manifestation, patients display signs of advanced sepsis, meningeal signs, nerve palsies, seizures, long-tract signs and other abnormal behaviors. The last stages present with confusion and stiff neck demanding medical attention (Park et al. 678).
Bacteria, virus, and fungus cause meningitis resulting in swelling of meninges covering the intellec…

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