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Quality time

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Quality Time
List the technological devices your family members use to access media. Roughly how much time do they spend engaged with digital media? If Williams visited your home, would he find your family in a “cyber-cocoon”?
In the modern world of technology, many electronic gadgets are always present at home. These devices are often utilized by the various members, and their utility has led to the isolation of family members. Everyone is engrossed in a device checking an email, video among others. This has dramatically deprived the family of the quality time of hanging with each other. Some gadgets are frequently used that have made our home a center of cyber utilization. (Colombo et al., 93) The devices that are used at home to be able to access media comprise Television, personal computers, tablets, smartphones as well as tablets also. The author will be astonished by the number of gadgets that have made my home to be a focus of technological utility.
In your experience, does the presence of four screens in a room suggest that people are living in four separate realities? Do you see any evidence that “technology has become an alien, and alienating, force in the contemporary home” (paragraph 22)? Do you find the families profiled in the article extreme in their media consumption, or relatively typical?
The availability of several screens in a single room is a significant sign of a family that is not integrated. This is because…

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