Quality of Being a Dreamer

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Quality of Being a Dreamer

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Quality of Being a Dreamer
In the novel Don Quixote, we find a narration about a soldier in his mid-50s who embarks on a quest to get the best for himself despite it appearing to be an idealistic journey. I do agree with Don Quixote that dreams can be fulfilled if one a person chooses to dream.
From the Broadway musicals Man of La Mancha, the lyrics entice people to fight obstacles that seem undefeatable (Siegel and Stavans). Martin Luther King dreamt of a future where everyone would be treated equally and this gave hope to the oppressed.
Being a dreamer might seem unrealistic since Don Quixote never accomplished his pursuit of ending injustice and conquering evil, but he did get the best out of himself which is an achievement (Jischke). One ought to be bold enough and cling to a dream even when the situation seems unlikely. It is always better to try rather than live in fear of not being victorious.
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