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quality management

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Quality Management
Q1A. To make the administration understand the importance of the problem Mary must show that she can effectively use the tools of data analysis in which she used to acquire the information to approve the data (Principles of Quality Management [PQM] 13).
Q1B. The total annual unnecessary costs include the cost of deploying pharmacists and nurses in filling the emergency orders. They spend too much time filing the emergency orders hence calling for several hours of working that are paid for by the hospital (PQM 13). Time and resources are wasted from delays in the emergency admissions. The process then becomes so expensive to pay the nurses and pharmacists.
Q1C. The ripple costs include the cost of paying the nurses and pharmacists involved in writing the emergency orders and ultimately the delay affects the turnover of the requests to the hospital.
Q2A. The purpose of the visit was to try and persuade the customer and disclose the quality of services by the hospital to the customers.
Q2B. The essential interaction was effective communication that was not convincing to the customer. Alex was dominating the conversation without being ready to listen to the customer.
Q2C. The conversation did not give a right impression to the customer and was not convinced so will not call for the services.
Q2D. Through an active communication, (PQM 13) Alex should attract the attention of the customer by giving some distinctive facts o…

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