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Quality Impovement paper

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Quality Improvement
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Quality Improvement
Quality improvement can be described as an approach that is formal to the performance analysis and the efforts that are systematic in improving the performance. It is necessary for the healthcare field to ensure that it has improvement initiatives that are of great quality (Besterfield, 2013). That is because the quality of health care is often determined as a degree through which the health services are delivered and whether the care has been able to accomplish the health care results that are desired. There are various issues that need to be improved in my organization. The paper will focus on the improvement of performance in the organization. Improving performance in the organization is very important since it will ensure that everything gets to go in the right way and it will also ensure that the organization will get to achieve all the goals that it has (Ryan, 2000). The paper will, therefore, focus on how performance can be improved in the organization.
For the quality to be good in the organization, every person in the organization has to perform very well. However, that has not been the case in my organization since people are performing poorly. They do not do things in the right way thus everything seems to be going wrong. For example, most of the workers are not always effective in what they do thus they always end up making very many mistakes that result to great problems in …

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