Quality and Safety Case Scenario

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Quality and Safety Case Scenario

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Quality Care and Patient Safety
In improving the outcome of care practices a wide variety of competencies and practices are essential. However, each competency or practice fits the best in specific healthcare situations. In the quality and safety case scenario, teamwork and collaboration would have had the greatest impact on the outcome of the case scenario (Kvedar, Molly, and Wendy 195). The presence of teamwork and collaboration creates a system in which information is disseminated in time and every member of the healthcare team is focused on completing their tasks and make it easier for others to execute theirs as well. Similarly, teamwork and collaboration would make sure that all team members are focused on achieving a similar set of goals and that they are able to coordinate their activities to facilitate the success of a process (Kvedar, Molly, and Wendy 196). Teamwork and collaboration also facilitate the construction of good communication skills, which makes it possible to share information in time.
Although other factors may have an impact on the outcome of the case scenario, they not have as much impact as teamwork and collaboration. Evidence-based practice may provide guidelines but cannot create a conducive environment to adopt them (Kvedar, Molly, and Wendy 198). Quality improvement may also give healthcare providers tips on improving their performance as individuals but not as a team. Further, patient-center…

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