Quality and Productivity

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Quality and Productivity

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Personal Q & P Plan
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Phase I of Personal Q & P plan
I have been an addict of alcohol drinking for a long period; this has caused me a lot of problems both socially and economically. I pick it as my Q & P plan. For the past few months, I have experienced continuous headaches, insomnia, dizziness and general body tiredness. Due to curiosity and worries arising from this, I took a look into the internet and what I found was a list of dangers associated with heavy drinking. Apart from the poor performance in school, limited family time and wastage of money, the following were vividly listed; increased blood pressure, liver inflammation, Heart muscles damage, the establishment of cancers, increased in weight and osteoporosis. With all these, it is unlikely that one would live the desired years as expected in life (Hyslop. 2000). This, therefore, is a reason why I am taking a turn in my life, and Personal Q and P plan will help me correct.
I intend to track the progress by the successes that I would gain with time. This would be done on a paper, and I would like to see all the positive things that would come into my life as a result of this planned abortion of alcohol drinking. One of the critical factors that I would like to consider is my general health. The anticipation is that the symptoms that are currently within me will be eradicated in due time. An increase in productivity both in class and at home or rath…

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