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Qualities and Qualifications
My experience in EMS has been varied and diverse after having started my career in 1996. I have been lucky enough to work in different EMS environments that range from volunteer fire to HEMS to Municipal EMS. I have been working in WDM EMS for more than 15 years where I participate in accreditation process and protocol development. I might not have had the chance to complete an on-site inspection, but I am well-versed in EMS rules and regulations. I have served on the IEMSA board and spent many hours working on EMS law in the state. Most recently, I have worked on GEMS legislation. I enjoy studying EMS law as I consider it a platform through which I can work towards improving the efficacy and efficiency of EMS.
Currently, I am doing a postgraduate degree in business administration, and it has helped me to learn much about business data collection and statistical analysis. I have completed two graduate level statistics classes and many group projects. I usually try to take the lead on these group assignments because I am highly organized and want to make sure the projects are done to perfection. I am involved in many extra projects and activities at WDM including, fleet maintenance, cot maintenance, Zoll maintenance and PCR data collection. I troubleshoot vehicle and Zoll as well as monitor problems and report them to supervisors.
I am a fan of public speaking, and I love to familiarize myself with all the levels of EMS co…

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