Qualitative critique

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Qualitative critique

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Qualitative Critique
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Qualitative Critique
Introduction• Is the research problem/phenomenon of interest identified?
Answer: Yes, the phenomenon of interest is well identified. This is because like other types of cancer in prostate cancer also individuals might have different perceptions and coping strategies. An analysis of such strategies will help nurses to tailor made care approaches especially in older individuals who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. • Is the philosophical or theoretical basis of the study described?
Answer: The philosophical basis of the study is Phenomenology. Thus, the study is a systematic study based on experiential feelings which will provide a roadmap to take care of individuals who are similarly affected. A better understanding f perceptions of patents towards a disease can come from their thoughts, feelings, values and emotions (Burns & Grove, 2009).The core philosophy is based on Manen’s(1990) framework. This means one should investigate the experience of patients themselves, rather than forming a preconceived notion of their situation.• Is the research purpose clearly stated?
Answer: The research purpose is clearly stated because the study wanted to evaluate the experiential feelings of individuals affected by prostate cancer. • Is the research question congruent with the qualitative approach?
Answer: the rese…

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