QSEN Safety Competencies

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QSEN Safety Competencies

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Developing a team plan to involve new and seasoned nurses with implementation and ongoing of QSEN safety competencies in ICU, there are four safety elements that are always included in the plan. The four safety aspects touch on both the environment and circumstances affecting both the patient and the staff in the ICU. The four include;
Patient-centered careThis aspect focuses on the welfare of the patient immediately before going to the ICU and the time the patient spends in the ICU. It in involves how the ICU staff handles the patient. This is very essential because it sets up the working environment in the ICU. Since the patient is the sole beneficiary of any activity in the ICU, his/her safety is the basic act and determinant of any success in the ICU.
Quality improvement
The quality of service to be provided by the staff in the ICU is also an important aspect that should always be considered when implementing any safety competency in a medical care environment. This is because for any success, every activity in the ICU should always be carried out with standard measures and practices in place. Every activity should be carried out with maximum quality measures possible for best results in the ICU (Kelly, 2014).
Evidence-based care
This is based on translating evidence into clinical practice. It is a key aspect that Jones must take into account. This is because, with the proven and tested facts in the medical field, ca…

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