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As per the Oxford English Dictionary, a divorce refers to a legal marriage dissolution. In the event that a person wants out, or wishes to file a complaint that can lead to marriage, then they must have stayed in that marriage for at least a year. In the UK for instance, a divorce can only be granted when a court of law is satisfied that all the provided reasons are adultery either by the wife or the husband or in some cases, by unreasonable behavior arising from the wife or the husband. A divorce can also be granted where needed in such cases as a husband or wife deserting their spouses for more than a year.
Statistics shows that infidelity is on the rise in Qatar, owing to the fact that people live a flashy lifestyle. The modern technology has made the marriage institution a constant human hell. It has had immense negative effects on marriages that have even led to divorce. It is called electronic infidelity. The emergence of smartphones has made it possible to commit to illicit relationships. This has even been witnessed with the first night into marriage. The best approach to give this kind of relationship is to understand that men can turn out to be on revenge mission should they find out about such an electronic infidelity on their spouses and the vice versa. This will lead to unimagined marriage consequences that at some point could lead to death.

Traditionally, marriage was ideally tribal. The related families supported their children to marry their cousins or…

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