purpose of getting a master of taxation

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purpose of getting a master of taxation

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Admission Essay
My desire to learn business in the lower grade and to narrow down to business taxation in the previous college years got my mind set to pursue Taxation. Having an accounting academic background has been my inspiration to life and profession. The challenges and accomplishments with my work and experience as a tax associate with four companies so far have motivated my drive towards attaining a Masters in the field. Am also aspiring to be a professor tax associate and an established knowledgeable tax consultant.
Am a qualified accounting graduate holding a bachelor of science in accounting, and have successfully worked in the position of tax associate with the four leading accounting firms that have monopolized the industry including Deloitte, PwC, EY, and KPMG. Working with these companies have emended me with the tax preparation knowledge that have made the way straight for the study of a Master’sDegree from your esteemed University. My goal to becoming a professor in this field lies in the purpose to pursue a Masters in taxation.
Serving as a certified public accountant for the last five years has earned me adequate knowledge and experience attracting local firms with the need of tax solutions. An addition of the masters in taxation will help add on the knowledge and help me handle clients with complex tax requirements in both domestic and foreign market. Providing solutions for corporates require complex analysis of their individual situations and eve…

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