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Puregym revised

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Pure Gym Financial Analyses

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Health professionals advise individuals to exercise regularly to increase their health-related quality of life and prevent various lifestyle associated diseases. Hence, fitness establishments have been rising to prominence. The Pure Gym chain of fitness centers aims to provide high-quality services at a very low cost all over the UK. Approximately 14.9% of the UK population is registered to a fitness facility. In March 2017, the group had reported a 28% revenue growth since December 2016. The gym membership grew with approximately 152000 new enrollments that year. The continued registration has enabled pure gym centers to make high profits that other groups are yet to get. In 2017, the gym experienced financial difficulties associated with the Brexit vote according to the administration. Another financial challenge is the fact that people opt to establish cheaper exercise habits than going to the gym. One of the means of fostering loyalty is offering incentives to people who are renewing membership.
Keywords: pure gym, fitness, registration, revenue growth, financial difficulties, incentives.

Physical exercise has been established as a significant determinant of individual health status. Shifting of diets towards more processed foods with too much sugar has caused drastic rises in average weight of people. Many health …

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