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Factors Affecting Urbanisation
1, a. Levy stated, As a City Planner “What methods would you use to reduce selective migration of the population”?
The city of Detroit is slowly developing due to less population that provides small markets for goods and services. The primary cause of this city’s deterioration and slow growth is because of selective migration. According to Levy (2016), the city planners need to come up with housing planning decisions that would ensure proper traffic flow. This decision would impact the lives of the people. Henceforth, they would not be able to migrate, and the economic problem in Detroit would be solved.
b. What role do you believe the non-profit agency should play in providing public services to citizens?
Factors that would influence the Detroit city to delay behind regarding growth and development are inadequate housing facilities and health services. These factors are responsible for the less population in Detroit. Therefore, Non-profit agencies can help the city by financing its development projects such as housing and health services. It is because, according to Levy (2016), such decision would assist in improving human health, hence would lead to the rise in population in that particular area.
2, a. Should Boomburg cities wait until the economic crisis ends or pursue outside industries to try to promote economic development?
The Boomburg cities require to improve housing conditions, create jobs for the popu…

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