PTSD and veterans

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PTSD and veterans

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Veterans and PTSD

PTSD and Veterans
Question 1
According to the Veterans Administration, approximately one out of five of the veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq suffer from PTSD and its symptoms (“60 Minutes Advanced PTSD Therapy”, 2013). The effects are evident in their social life, family life, their perception of life and in their tendency to drop the fear for dangerous situations.
Question 2
According to the video, the veterans also suffer from such symptoms of PTSD as the feeling of not being understood, suicide attempts, nightmares, inability to sleep, depression, guilt and worthlessness among others (“60 Minutes Advanced PTSD Therapy”, 2013).
Question 3
The Cognitive Processing Therapy is that form of technique that involves revisiting the impacts of a trauma with the purpose of bringing back the awareness of danger to the minds of the sufferers, who after facing many traumas tend to have no fear at all or to be shaken by danger, death and other similar circumstances for which an ordinary individual would express some fear (“60 Minutes Advanced PTSD Therapy”, 2013). The process involves the sufferers recording an impact statement, in writing, detailing out the events of the trauma, at the beginning of the treatment. They then read the reports to the group of participants. The group then engages in discussion identifying how the traumas still linger into their lives post the events (“60 Minutes Advanced PTSD Therapy”, 20…

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