Psychology Reflection Paper

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Psychology Reflection Paper

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Psychology Reflection Paper
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Psychology Reflection Paper
The human mind is an enigma having quite complicated functions and more specifically emotional behaviors. From time to time, we make different decisions based on our behaviors and attitudes. Nevertheless, the human mind is also prone to different anomalies that results in mood disorders. My particular interest is in mood related disorders in people and its different implications.
This area of psychology has fascinated me since the start of my psychology classes. For me, the mental disorders are the most fascinating subjects as it is quite common among the masses. From the basic perspective of enhancing the understanding of this problem, I have also gone through different useful literature that will be further discussed onwards.
In order to enhance my professional knowledge of mood disorders, I have referred to my book and have found a number of fascinating topics in it. The quite common disorders that were mentioned in the textbook and in different research pieces of literature include bipolar disorders, depressive disorders and substance-induced mood related disorders. Each of these disorders has further been classified into a number of subclasses. I have developed a keen interest in understanding these disorders because of my niece had been diagnosed with a case of bipolar disorder last year. Surely, it was quite tragic news for me; however, it has provided …

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