Psychology Reflection Paper

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Psychology Reflection Paper

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Reflection paper
Psychology is a very important discipline in science which studies behavior and the mind. It is a large field made up of many sub-fields dealing with diverse areas like cognitive process, social behavior and human development, most of which affect the daily lives of all human beings. This essay will address three different topics in the field of psychology chosen from the chapters covered in the classroom.
The first topic, which comes from chapter one of the textbook, is on Behavior as a Biopsychosocial event. This approach suggests that human behavior can be viewed from three levels, namely social-cultural, psychological, and biological perspectives (Myers and Dewall). The viewpoints from all the levels shed insight into certain mental processes or behaviors. My understanding of this topic is that human behavior is not influenced by a single factor, say biological, but by the interaction of various factors, which are socio-cultural, psychological, and biological factors, which direct the mental processes of an individual leading to a particular behavior. I chose this topic mainly because human behavior is a crucial aspect human beings integrated fully with their daily lives as every action undertaken by individuals leads to the perception of a certain kind of behavior. By studying this topic, I learned that all aspects of life are important and must be put in harmony to facilitate sound …

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