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Psychology of Evil
There are different ways of analyzing evil. Many people have been debating whether everyone has been born with elements of evil or whether they are characters that are developed through the time. In a society, various setups have been put to ensure that everyone conforms to the rules of a peaceful setup. Conforming to these rules is sometimes seem to be good acts.
On the other hand, failing to comply with these rules is sometimes seen as an act of evil. Whether people decide to apply their consent to determine their actions or complying with the rules that have been made by the society depends on an individual decision. At the same time, being exposed to the environment can determine the actions of can determine whether one decides to be evil or good. This paper analyses the root of evil and elements in a society such as conformity obedience and adherence to the rule.
Keywords: conformity, evil, psychology of evil, obedience, evil experiments, Milgram’s and Stanford prison experiments.

There are many ways of defining evil. Some see it as the failure to adhere to the conformities in the society. As well, various psychologists believe that exposure to the environment is the main reason for evil.
II. How conformity, compliance and obedience apply to the real-life events
The society has various ways of conforming to the demands of the non-evil aspect of the people. This part shows the way …

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