Psychology Knowledge to Movie “Breakfast Club”

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Psychology Knowledge to Movie “Breakfast Club”

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Breakfast Club (1985) is movie centring on some teenage characters. Apparently, it shows the recklessness of youth at that contemporary time. But in deep, it encounters the bio-psycho-social influences of each character in the film. In general, each of them struggles with their dysfunctional family and this incompleteness shapes their character. However, the bio-physio-social model inculcates an amalgamation of human biological elements with social influences and how they together formulate human behaviour and attitude. The film very intelligently and covertly has mingled various concepts of psychoanalytic theory, humanistic theories, social cognitive or learning theories and trait theory in order to develop as well as signify each character and used them together to enliven the story.
Beginning with Bender, he is a reckless lad who loves to bully and dominate people. Taking cue from his name, he ‘bends’ others by his social and physical strength. He is characterized as a rebel who is highly impulsive when it comes to breaking rules without much thinking. He has been detained due to tolling false alarm at the school. It brings out his hostility, tendency of seeking attention and obviously the determination of breaking rule in any way. However, with the unfolding of the film, it comes to light that he shares a terrible relationship with his father who is an alcoholic and abuses Bender and his mother both verbally and physically. Along with it the softer side of this nutshe…

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