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Psychology Case study

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Post for an IT Manager at Platinum distributors.
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Platinum Distributors is a logistics company that needs an IT Manager. The Successful candidate will be accountable and responsible for all the IT operations and processes in the company within the required limits, costs, specifications, and timeline. The managers will be responsible for planning, evaluation and implementing objectives of the IT department and managing staff.
Managing computer systems and information technology.
Designing, developing, implementing, and coordinating systems procedures and policies.
Maintaining data safety, backup systems, and access network.
Help in accomplishing financial objectives of the department by scheduling expenditure, preparing and handling the annual budget.
Maintaining quality services through aligning service standards of customers
and solving problems related to customer services.
Devising strategic goals through gathering relevant information pertinent to service, financial, operational, and business information.
Have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.
Be an expert in data governance and management of data center.
3- 5 years’ working experience as an IT manager.
Possess hands-on skills in network installation, network administration, and computer networks.
Be conversant with both software and hardware computers systems, have good technical management skills.

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