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Psychology Assignment

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Psychology Assignment
The article under consideration for this assignment is entitled, “Making Good Citizenship Fun” by Richard Thaler. It presents three significant conclusions on the subject derived from many case studies. Firstly, in all the countries and cities where law enforcement involves fun, the rate of law adherence has been reported to significant rise (Thaler). Secondly, a reward system encourages good citizenship since it develops a positive mental perspective towards fulfilling the legal requirement due to the possible gain associated (Thaler). Finally, the article advocates that governments that are still using measures to do with punishment and fines are building a negative attitude linked to rebellion among the citizens and are likely to fail in the future (Thaler). The conclusions support the fact that there should be a feeling of mutual benefit within the law abiders as well as a sense of appreciation necessary for stimulating obedience.
The ideas presented in the article are indeed viable since the method of fun and reward has been tested in different territories and proven fruitful. Generally, the human brain desires to be challenged other than to be coaxed. Therefore, the reward system creates a good ground for developing self-confidence and later satisfaction for having tried a given contest. Consequently, Thaler’s idea of making citizenship fun conforms to the natural human behavior. The i…

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