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Gender and Language
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Differences in Language Use between Men and Women
The differences existing in the way men and women use language tend to have a significant impact on their communication experiences. First of all, the differences affect how much each gender talks. In such cases, most women may feel ignored because men tell a lot less while most men may lose interest when they think women talk too much (Hyde & Else-Quest, 2012). Additionally, women may be highly vulnerable to emotions such as sadness, disgust, sympathy, and love. Men, on the other hand, are insensitive to most feelings and may only be able to display a few such as contempt, anger, and pride. In such cases, communication between the two groups may be characterized by misunderstanding when women feel that men do not take matters with the same intensity as them (Hyde & Else-Quest, 2012). Further, women’s emotions may be easier to understand since they are more facially expressive than men, which makes them easier to communicate with. However, women may display extreme and often unnecessary emotions during conversations, especially arguments.
In the case of relationships, women may often feel that their male counterparts do not care as much as they do. However, the difference in displaying emotions may hinder men from showing too much affection (Hyde & Else-Quest, 2012). Similarly, relationships can be affected by a clash of negative emotions. For instance, wome…

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