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Psychological Development
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Psychological Development
This course has provided some important insight in regards to psychological education. The course has enabled me to understand and apply essential topics in my learning. These include motivation development as well a diversity and assessment. The course has enabled me to relate theoretical framework to empirical research. Now I can comfortably apply them in the classroom setting as well as in life. Besides, the course has enabled me to understand my own experience better and at the same time conceptualize my future practices in my career.
For instance, I have learned of the three theories about psychological development. The three approaches include Erickson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development, Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development and Piaget’s Theory. Erickson’s theory has eight stages, Kohlberg’s theory has six stages while Piaget’s theory has four phases.
In Erickson’s approach, I got more interested in the first four stages of childhood development. I realized that the choice of nannies we make is crucial in a child’s development. If the child gets reliable, consistent and predictable care then they tend to develop trust and if not so, fear (Erikson, 1980). I also realized that children’s numerous questions should not be a nuisance to parents because it makes them have feelings of guilt. From Kohlberg’s theory, I learned that most children would strive to do good to…


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