Provide a thorough summary of composite measures.

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Provide a thorough summary of composite measures.

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Composite Measures

Composite Measures
In statistics, composite measure refers merely to compound measures of variables or a measurement that is based on several data items or variables (Babbie, Halley, Wagner III, & Zaino, 2018). IBM SPSS Statistics software is used to perform statistical analyses whose results can be viewed in both tables and graphics. Additionally, IBM SPSS Statistics can be used to manipulate data thus creating new data items that are mathematical functions of other data items. The two composite measures computed in “Chapter 8: Adventures In Social Research Data Analysis Using IBM SPSS Statistics” are Police Index and Police Force, which provide a distinct score constructed from a series of responses to some questions (Babbie et al., 2018).
Police Index
In this analysis, the Police Index is a composite measure that is calculated from counting cases for polabuse and polattak variables. The question under review is, “are there situations you can imagine in which you would approve of a policeman striking an adult male citizen?” The situations analyzed are that the adult male said a vulgar and obscene thing to the policeman, and was attacking the policeman with fists.
Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 1 Police Index
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent
Valid Approved/Yes 92 6.1 9.5 9.5
Conditional Approval 771 51.4 79.4 88.9
Disapproved/No 108 7.2 11.1 100.0
Total 971 64.7 100.0 Missing System 5…

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