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Proposal Writing Skills Application

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Grant Writing Skills and Career Development
Grant Writing Skills and Career Development
The skills I developed in the writing of my integrative project can be useful for my career development. I can apply these skills by developing focus and creativity along a specific social problem. The most crucial aspect in the whole process involves having a clear picture regarding the issues that I would like to have solved. I can effectively develop my writing and research skills by practicing writing, becoming a voracious reader and working with mentors. As Weir (n. d) argues, it is imperative to maintain the focus of the existing social problems, have the motivations and interest, and assesse the collaborations to move the idea forward.
A career in research will not be lucrative if one does not have the necessary skills for writing grants. Skills such as knowing the audience, taking time for preparation, focusing on the details, clarity of thought, effective planning, setting boundaries, seeking for help and maintaining the enthusiasm are mandatory for a researcher (Weir, n. d). As a community worker, I seek to venture into research to understand various social phenomena such as crime and deviance. To achieve this, personal initiative is critical because it would help me in interacting with experienced grant writers in the field. It is vital to value collaboration as researchers seeking for funding for a given project, share knowledge regarding the exi…

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