Prophet Mohammed Marriages And the Concept of Polygamy

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Prophet Mohammed Marriages And the Concept of Polygamy

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The modern world has transformed significantly especially in the setting of marriage and relationship which has been characterized by increased rates of fornication, infidelity, and divorce among other issues. This proposal stems from this issue surrounding marriage and researches the concept of polygamy and Muhammad’s marriages to evaluate this problem.
This section provides a brief description of marriage and polygamy as well as indicates how it has spread across different parts of the world. This part also briefly identifies other types of marital relationships including monogamy and polyandry so enable readers to have a proper understanding of the concept of polygamy.
Describing Polygamy and its Origins
This part explains what polygamy is and its presence in different regions in the world. The origin of the term polygamy is also discovered here. This section also discovers the origin of polygamy identifying early incidences of the adoption of this behavior as well as different regions practiced throughout the world. Moreover, this part also provides the origins of monogamy citing the early Roman Catholic and Roman Empire as the force behind the tarnishing of an age-old practice of polygamy.
Polygamy and Religion
Reviewing and Explaining Muhammad’s Marriages
This segment analyzes polygamy from a religious perspective u…

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