Proper Communication saves lives

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Proper Communication saves lives

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Proper Communication saves lives
The importance of correctly messaging to any given audience
Messaging in any given audience always varies on several factors that always alter or make the messaging activity favorable and understandable thus improper messaging may lead to an inaccurate understanding of the message hence inappropriate or unconsidered activity may take place. Correct messaging through a composed personal organized presented public speech to an audience is an essential persuading activity. With better-perceived choice persuasion nature through either coercion or compliance through speech presentation to the audience is of great importance as the intended information is transferred. It helps in ensuring the smooth running of the activities (Danilo M. Baylen).
How communication can be an invaluable tool for safety personnel.
Communication as per Julia Wood chapter 16 is a self-build inner urge to stand in front of the audience and tackle all the fear and make a sensible speech to them. Thus through the collect form of composure will effectively enable you have the power to persuade the audience in complying to certain safety strategies.
How social media can be used for public safety?
In the recent days, media is the major and influential channel for communication. The main objective of media is specifical to persuade the audience in compliance to certain circumstances.
How better communication saves lives.
Communication is t…

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