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Brahms Symphony
Brahms work was heavily based on the cultural context and ideas of the absence of literary models and autobiography and use of abstract music. It is this inspiration that inspired his third symphony. During this third symphony, Braham adopted a motto ‘Frei aber froh,’ which means ‘Free but happy’ (Mason 374). This motto was about the fact that he was fifty years old and still a bachelor. This motto, F-A-F is evident throughout this third symphony. Brahms third symphony was characterized by a large scale of harmonic orientation, thematic integration and pivotal pitches that reinforced its precision and coherence. In his third symphony, Brahms was at his life’s prime, and he expresses great emotional and intellectual development. His work mastery is evident as he produces this happy and strong music in the third symphony (CSO).
In his second movement, Brahms expressed a mediation of andante that came across a happy and hymn-like. The three phrases used can be recognized through the bassoons and the clarinets as well as in the echoing of the low strings (Mason 376). The piano plays a primal role in all his movements and symphonies. A clear transition is made through the different passages, from a calm mood to a climax and then back again to the calm, happy melody. He also integrated the use of a brief coda to emphasize the mood and theme.
Summarily, after listening to the video, my listening experience wa…

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