Project managers role

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Project managers role

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Project Managers’ Roles

Project Managers’ Roles
Describe the project manager’s role in monitoring tasks.
Project managers usually play very important roles in controlling and monitoring tasks by overseeing all the tasks and metrics required to ensure that all components of a project are within scope on the budget, and on time to enable the project to proceed with minimum risks. The processes of monitoring involve making comparisons between the planned performance and the actual performance of the project and taking the necessary rectification steps to steer the project towards the desired directions to meet the objectives and timelines of the project. The process of controlling and monitoring is performed continuously throughout the lives of projects.
Describe the project manager’s role in directing resources.
Project managers usually carry a responsibility in directing all the resources available at a project. He or she should identify all the resources needed to implement a project successfully (Majeed, 2016). It is usually the role of a project manager to ensure that the resources are utilized efficiently, with the aim of finishing the project within the budget and on time. The direction and planning of human resources are also the responsibilities of the project manager who should ensure that the project has the right personnel with the right skills, a right time to accomplish the jobs that need to be done efficiently. Projec…

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