Profile of a Serial Offender

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Profile of a Serial Offender

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Serial Murder Profiling has a contemporary understanding based on the different context of crime. Serial murder is a rare crime occurrence which creates great concern to the public. Many serial killings are worrisome especially when criminals have antisocial personality disorders. An example of serial murder involves “The Green River Killer.” There was a man called Gary Ridgway who had a record of killing many women in an effort of keeping them straights (Seltzer, 2013). The primary goal of Gary was to kill as many as possible just because those women were prostitutes. Gary was killing them since he was not ready to pay after sex. These women seem to be victims since their disappearance was rarely noticed at first. Gary assumed that police would go searching for killed women instead of him.
The serial number profiling of Gary’s crime is analyzed on spatial, personality, and crime scene development. These are essential tools used by police officers to investigate the case. The public conception creates some legal ability for public understandings to address the occurrence of the crime with a serial number. The profiling of the murder case is associated with the science critics and art of advocating. The comprehensive profiling of the Gary case is developed through the ability to suspect when killing women (Seltzer, 2013). Serial number profiling help in maintaining the accuracy and efficiency of the sufficiently…

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