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Should the Texan Legislature and Texans support Governor Greg Abbott’s call to restore constitutionalism and the rule of law through an Article V Convention?
The Governor of Texans through The Texas Plan is calling for an Article V Convention of States. In his call for an Article V Convention, Governor Abbot doesn’t seek to amend the constitution completely. He intends to call on the American People terming them “We the People” to reign in on the Federal government in order to regain power balance between the states and the national government (Abbott 1-3). This policy issue is very crucial to Texas more so because of its political impact at the national level and how this call for an Article V Convention would impact other states. Also to be considered is the history of legal tussles between Texas and California with the two neighbors not agreeing on a majority of legal debates touching on the federal and state laws (Wright n.pag). The Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick is a key figure in this discourse. The lieutenant governor is also the Senate President at the State level, and the state of Texas has a Republican majority in Senate which means that Patrick will have absolute control in the Senate (Wright n.pag). The State of Texas has already confronted the Federal Government and the rump administration on policy issues like the immigration policies seeking to stop state funding to DACA classified students an…

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