Professional Investment Objectives Industry and Ethics

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Professional Investment Objectives Industry and Ethics

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Professional Investment-Objectives-Industry and Ethics
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Question one
An investment company is closed-ended in nature to merely mean that this type of company is characterized by fixed shares that are on issuance at any particular time. An advisory firm, on the other hand, takes an optional form.
Investment companies deal with a specified single portfolio and ensure the cash is managed dependent on the already laid down rules as per the contract specifications. Advisory firms whereas deals with making recommendations that must be approved with investors.
An investment company concerns itself with the management of assets of various securities such as bonds so as to benefit their investors by ascertaining their investment objectives. An advisory firm, on the other hand, is concerned with enlightening their clients on various investment assets that are viable.
Regarding portfolio management, an investment company adopts a discretionary portfolio management approach whereas an advisory firm takes up advisory approach. In a discretionary approach, investment decisions are made at the discretion of the manager, and most investors leave most of the work to professionals as they do not participate much. Advisory portfolio management, on the other hand, involves a collaboration of both the investor and the manager.
Question two
With regards to buying and selling of shares, closed-end funds do the trading in t…

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