Professional Ethics

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Professional Ethics

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Professional Ethics
Ethics is a term which can be defined in different ways depending on the situation at hand. Moral principles are the main factors that describe it, and in a practical sense, it means doing the right thing. However, the right thing also depends on the scenario presented (Lee and Christopher 6). The situation presented in this essay is where a professor at a college is set to listen to a student’s problems and provide advice.
As a professor and registered psychologist, the ethics of the profession client confidentiality (Tribe and Jean 36). The client, who is the student, in this case, will share personal information with the hope that they will be in good hands. One of the moral actions that I will take is to listen to the student’s problems, offer them advice and ensure that the information shared remains among us. To instill some level of trust between professors and the students, some level of confidentiality must be upheld; reason being that students are fond of sharing personal and sensitive information. They do so not only during verbal communications but also in their writings on the class assignments.
Unethical actions range from deception, cheating, and stealing. In this case, unethical behavior that could occur is lying to the student to get some free time. Since the student is requesting an appointment via a phone call, it would be easy to lie to them. This unethical behavior is common in many offices whe…

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