Process of desert formation

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Process of desert formation

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Process of Desert Formation
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Process of desert formation
A desert can simply be defined as a dry environment or place that gets rainfall which is less than 25 inches annually. It is a place that is characterized by dry conditions and thus the presence of minimal plant and even animal cover on the desert biomes. The desert regions lack moisture almost for the whole year and therefore also if they receive some rainfall, it is still lost through evaporation. In the world, deserts cover 33% of the earth surface.
Formation of Deserts
Deserts are formed through a process called weathering. The formation results from rainy seasons following each other during the winter season and the constant dry conditions during the summer. With the increased glaciations experienced, the areas with high pressure accelerated the spreading of the deserts to other parts. A good example is the Lake Chad which is found in the Sahara desert. The lake used to be larger and more profound than its current state in the present. In addition to that, some deserts like the Andes were formed as a result of trade winds. The presence of mountain ridges acts as barriers for the moistened winds from the sea that bring a cooling effect on the land and also bring about rainfall. Once the currents from the oceans reblocked, desertification is promoted on the surrounding surface. Dunes also result from winds that move around the sandy mountains, and their different sh…

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