Process of buying a ticket for a concert

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Process of buying a ticket for a concert

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Process of Buying a Ticket for a Concert
Ticket can be defined as a voucher or card which one is required to have before entering a concert. The organizers of the event ensure that everyone has a card before the performance begins. The process of buying a ticket starts when the public visits a ticket office that is controlled by the entertainment or film industry. At the box office, a ticket window or counter is always open where people pay for the ticket and given the voucher or receipt. Also, members of the public are given a chance in which they can buy tickets in bulk at a lower price and resell them after adding a surcharge. Many concerts have their tickets vary with the position and type of seats the members of public will have to occupy during the performance. People who will sit in front of the cinema hall will have to pay extra cash since their seats are always reserved.
The process of buying tickets involves the conversion of money into goods. Goods are tangible items which are used in place of cash. A receipt or voucher that is given at the ticket window can be considered to be a good since it is tangible and members of the public can use it as an alternative form of money during admission to the concert. If the concert takes place in a college, the customers are students who will buy the ticket, but if it is outside the school, all members of the public can be customers (Seungbum et al., 111). Suppliers are the organizing body…

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