Process Improvement Action Plan.

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Process Improvement Action Plan.

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Process Improvement Action Plan
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Process Improvement Action Plan
Having assessed the current state of affairs, the risks and the possible solutions, the primary objective of this project will be to provide practical solutions as to the disparities between these two groups. This shall be achieved through the commitment of resources, both financial and time. The military administration and the civilian leadership shall be involved in the formulation of a plan and its implementation. It is imperative that the implementation roadmap is drawn considering the current state of affairs. The implementation process requires time and other resource commitments which will be distributed as discussed below.
To achieve the synergy between the military and their civilian counterparts, various resources and methods have been identified as possible solutions to the rift. Various steps need to be followed in acquiring these resources. As a public service sector, the budgeting shall be done in advance and forwarded to the national treasury for allocation and disbursement. On communication, ensuring that both the two forces communicate effectively, technological equipment shall be acquired for both groups. The administration department shall undertake the acquisition of the Civil Education Systems necessary training and benchmarking. The pilot project shall be undertaken for three months to access the response and effectiveness of the system. In…

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