Proactive approach to conflict management

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Proactive approach to conflict management

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Proactive Approach to Conflict Management- Article Review
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Proactive Approach to Conflict Management- Article Review
The article “A literature review exploring values alignment as a proactive approach to conflict management” by Fitzpatrick has focused on the literature which recommends the best methods that can be applied in conflict management within an organization. Disagreement and differences cannot be escaped in areas where many people exist, and hence the only solution is to come up with ways that manage conflicts (Fitzpatrick, 2007). In the article, the literature shows that values are the most important elements that can ensure that the conflicts are limited in the working environments.
The arguments presented in the article shows that value plays a major part in controlling the behaviour of the individuals and the decision-making process. The values set in an organization should consider the welfare of the others and hence reduced cases of disagreements. For example, an organization need to have the values of integrity, respect and loyalty so that the employees and other workers collaborated. The article has broadly shown that values control the rate at which people in an organization collaborates (Fitzpatrick, 2007). Also, it has been demonstrated that the values determine the strategies and culture of an organization which can reduce the instances of conflict. The alignment of the values developed by an organiza…

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